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Patient Information

Orthotech Group Pty Ltd. is a distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Spineway Group (formally spine innovations, previously FH Orthopaedics) & BPB Medica.

If you would like further product based information than the information provided below please contact product manufacturers directly.

LP. ESP Elastic Spine Pad Lumbar Prosthesis

The ESP prosthetic disc is the result of 10 years of collaborative research work at the Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris, the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the Université Paris VI, and was driven by the Oséo Innovation contest in France.

LP-ESP_Patient Information

CP. ESP Elastic Spine Pad Cervical Prosthesis

CP-ESP helps to reduce pain and to achieve near-normal disc function.
The stiffness of the deformable core resembles that of the native intervertebral discs. This stiffness is due to a flexible polycarbonate urethane cushion. This flexible cushion, attached to the two metal endplates, provides the disc with its shock-absorbing function and limits the release of particles into the body and the calcification of deformable parts.

CP-ESP_Patient Information

Trekking Total Knee Arthroplasty by Samo

This leaflet answers some common questions about the SAMO Trekking Total Knee Replacement System. Please read this leaflet carefully and keep it in a safe place, so you may refer to it in future if needed.

Patient Information Samo TKR

Venus® by Humantech

VENUS® Reduction longhead screws complement the innovative design feature of the standard screws in an optimal way. They allow the correction and stabilization of the spine in particular complex anatomical relationships. The screw has a removable extension of the screw head with its inner thread. Based on that, an easy approximation of the spine, at the desired sagittal or axial profile, is made possible.

Hero® by Humantech

The HERO® anterior cervical plate system serves to stabilise the cervical spine. It is intended for use with angle-variable single or standard screws or expandable bone screws (expansion screws), as well as a combination of all screw types (hybrid) in the cervical spine from C2 to C7.

TRISTAN® by Humantech

TRISTAN® Cervical Interbody Fusion is an implant system which is intended as a disc replacement for a long-term usage for anterior stabilization in the cervical spine from C3 to C7 in patients whose general skeletal growth has ended.

SAMSON® by Humantech

The SAMSON® Vertebral Body Replacement is an implant system for longterm use in anterior stabilisation of the upper thoracic to lower lumbar spine as a replacement for one or more vertebral bodies in patients whose general skeletal growth has ended.